Skellig Michael, Ireland

The Konkins spent 8 days travelling around Ireland in August of 2016. Being the huge Star Wars fans that they are, they knew they had to make it out to Skellig Michael. For video footage of the epic journey, check out our video.

We woke at the break of day and ate a hearty breakfast of Eggs Florentine, which turned out to be a mistake…We received a call from the captain who was going to be manoeuvring the rough seas on our drive down. “It’s iffy,” he said, “there are 8 foot swells and we might not be allowed to ship off.” After all, it was near the end of the season when tourists are allowed to go to the island before it gets too rough and windy. From our research, a few people have died or been seriously injured on the island.

When we arrived at the dock, we were cleared by the coast guard to leave, phew! A total of 12 passengers took to the deck. The rough ride out to the island caused 4 of the passengers to taste their breakfast twice, Ben included (green eggs and ham anyone?). Although we both took gravol prior to leaving, we both felt a little worse for wear after the hour long boat ride in rough seas.

Upon arrival, the movie scenes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the last thing on our minds. This beautiful, majestic beast of an island towered over us. We had both never seen anything more magnificent in our lives. As we later learned, the name Skellig is derived from a word that means ‘steep rock’…no kidding!

As we began the foreboding climb up the steep, stone steps, a sense of awe overcame us. This truly is a beautiful and sacred place. There is an indescribable feeling entering the monastery, knowing that monks built a life on this cliff face.

The boat ride back to shore was much easier as we were slowly surfing the waves back to shore rather than crashing into them. Our legs took a full 24 hours to return to normal after being on the boat and climbing up and down the steep steps.

This was a life changing, once in a lifetime trip for us. We have checked it off our bucket list. Let us know if you’ve done this trip or if you have any questions by commenting below.