Thirsty Thursday – Rum Taste Test

Well folks, it’s Thirsty Thursday! So, Ben and Julia did a blind taste test on 3 different light rums.

We went to the liquor store the other day and saw a rum they had never seen before named J. Wray.  It was around the same price as Bacardi, the usual house white rum that we keep for guests. We decided to put it to the test by doing a blind tasting beside Bacardi and our favourite rum, Havana Club.

When we tasted them neat, Julia was surprised that she picked J. Wray to be the best on it’s own, by far. Since they never drink rum neat, they decided to do a second taste test as a mixed drink, the A-typical rum and coke.

At the end of the tastings, the verdict was clear. Both Ben and Julia were big fans of J. Wray. For about the same price as Bacardi, it was the winner between the two. We both still love Havana Club, but have very unique flavours, so it depends on your mood, and what drink you’d like. We will stock both J. Wray and Havana Club for sure! Sorry, Bacardi, but it looks like we’ve found a new house rum. Check out our video for the full tasting & review!  Remember to enjoy responsibly. Cheers! (This taste test was not sponsored)