Pit Cherries Faster! (without using a cherry pitter)

Home made maraschino cherries are simply the best for concocting the Konkins’ weekend cocktails. Normally, we make them from store bought, frozen cherries where the pit has already been removed. Since we’ve moved to Kelowna, we’ve realized how amazing cherries can really taste when they are fresh off the tree. We know these cherries are going to kick our recipes up a notch, but we’ve got one problem: NO CHERRY PITTER!!!

We looked up a few techniques and decided to try two of them, purely based on items we already had in our house.  We decided to challenge each other to a cherry pitting competition, timing ourselves for 1 minute and seeing who could pit the most cherries with each technique. Here are the techniques we are trying out:

#1 – The Paperclip Technique

For this technique, all you need is a bunch of cherries and a paperclip.

  1. Unfold the paperclip in half
  2. Use the larger rounded end of the paper clip to dig out the pit of the cherry

#2 – The Chopstick Technique

For this technique, all you need is an empty glass bottle, a chopstick, and some cherries.

  1. Place a cherry (stem removed) on top of the mouth of a glass bottle.
  2. Pop the pit through the cherry into the bottle by using the wider end of a chopstick to push it through. t

At the end of the contest, technique number 2 was the clear winner! It was 50% faster than the previous technique, and although we didn’t test it against a proper cherry pitter, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was faster (& cleaner) than that, too!