Guinness – Does it really taste better in Ireland?

Another week has passed, and holy moly it went FAST! The rich layer of smoke hovering in the valley from the forest fires nearby has been keeping us indoors. Since our anniversary just passed, we’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about our wedding and honeymoon while listening to vinyl and enjoying a slew of refreshing beverages. While we were on the topic of our honeymoon, we started to discuss some of the amazing experiences we had during our Ireland leg of the trip.

Now, not to sound like an alcoholic, but enjoying a freshly poured pint of Guinness, right from the keg, in a quaint little Irish pub across from our B&B in Killarney (on our first night in Ireland) was one of the highlights of our trip. Julia had never enjoyed a Guinness prior to our trip and Ben showed her the light…or rather, the dark!

Now that we are back home and about a year has gone by, we have a hankerin’ for the dark stuff. But, it comes with trepidation! People always say that there is no comparison between Guinness when it’s fresh in Ireland, and Guinness from a can that has travelled far and wide to reach us. Smells like a myth the Konkins need to bust!

After watching the video on how to properly pour a Guinness from a can (as told by the Guinness Master Brewer himself!), We prepared our stout and popped a squat in our big, comfy chairs. After taking a couple sips, it was clear. Although, it was still a lovely stout that both of us would gladly enjoy, it didn’t have the magic of the true Irish Guinness.