Review: Cilio ‘The Press’ Juicer for Citrus & Pomegranate

Ben and I love re-creating cocktails in the comfort of our own home. We dim the lights, throw on an old vinyl from our collection, and attempt a new recipe. We never seem to get the recipe quite right on the first try, but if at first you don’t succeed…lol. It doesn’t
take us long to perfect the cocktail and have it taste even better than if we’d ordered it from a fancy cocktail bar (and at a way better price I might add).


Our slew of cocktails at the Vintage Cocktail Club in Dublin, Ireland

About a year ago on our honeymoon, we went to the Vintage Cocktail Club in Dublin, Ireland. We were blown away by the amazing, hand-crafted cocktails, but were most impressed by the drinks that had freshly pressed juice.

As soon as we got home, we started attempting to recreate the cocktail recipes. The drinks tasted great, but, since we only had a basic hand juicer, we found it very time consuming and labour intensive. The hand juicer would be fine if we were just making cocktails for the two of us, but we LOVE to entertain and store bought juice is not an option for us. So, we did some research, read some reviews and found the Cilio Citrus and Pomegranate Juicer, a.k.a. ‘The Press’. The German-made Press promised fresh juice with minimal effort and quick and easy clean up, plus it looks pretty ImPRESSive (sorry, I had to pop in a cheesy joke). Ben and I have put ‘The Press’ to the test for almost a year now and wanted to share our patented Konkin Can Do Candid Review with you. If you’re interested purchasing ‘The Press’ after reading this review, it would help us out big time if you use our Amazon Affiliate Link:


We’ve been pretty imPRESSED with ‘The Press’

What’s ImPRESSive:

  • Juices fruits of all shapes and sizes: Limes, lemons, pomegranates, oranges, grapefruits.
  • It’s a solid and sturdy press. The frame is made out of aluminium, and the juicing pieces are made with stainless steel. Made in Germany by a highly regarded company.
  • Easy to use. Cut the fruit in half, put it on the press, pull the leaver. Ta-dah!
  • Easy to clean. The juicing pieces (the extractor and the funnel) are removable and dishwasher safe.
  • No electricity or batteries required! Just a little elbow grease 😉
  • Doesn’t over juice! (some juicers go too deep and get some of the bitterness out of the white part of the rind)
  • Looks pretty cool and some other models come in different colours.

What’s NOT ImPRESSive:

  • We found that the bolts occasionally need to be tightened with an allan key (that is not provided).
  • The top part of the press can’t easily be removed to be cleaned…lame. It can be done, but a flat-head screwdriver is needed.
  • The height cannot be adjusted.
  • There have been complaints about the coloured models that the paint chips. This hasn’t been an issue for us.
  • The suction cup on the bottom of the unit doesn’t secure it well enough, so you need to hold it down with one hand and pull the lever with the other. There is no option to screw it to the counter top.

The Verdict:

We love it and don’t know how we got along without it. It was well worth the price for people like us who like to entertain and craft fresh cocktails for friends and family.

If you’re interested purchasing ‘The Press’ it would help us out big time if you use our Amazon Affiliate Link: