Phone Charger Review: Native Union’s Night Cable

iPhone chargers are not cutting it for me these days, now that battery life just isn’t what it used to be. I find myself reaching for the cord to charge up my phone by mid day or early evening. Regular iPhone charging cords are way too short and they break all the time, so Ben bought me this 10 foot long charging cable by Native Union, called the ‘Night Cable’. For my full candid review, scroll down to see my video below.


  • It’s 10 feet long! I have the freedom to move around while I charge my phone
  • It has a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • It’s reasonably priced. $39.99 US/$54.99 CAD
  • It is Apple Certified and is compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • Comes in 6 different colours


  • Some of them break…After a year of use, the metal piece that plugs into the phone broke off in the phone! It was easy to get out, and they replaced it really quickly with the warranty, but still. It looks like a few other people have experienced this. I’ve been using the cord for over a year since it’s been replaced with no issues.
  • Even though they come in 6 different colours, the options are pretty lame….c’mon Native Union, you can do better.

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