We Test 5 Hacks for Ripening Avocados. Some Work, Some Fail Miserably.

Avocados never seem to be ripe when you need them…especially when you want to make a recipe for a party. Living in a mid-sized town in Canada, I had been to all the stores, and there were no ripe avocados to be found. So, I hopped onto google in search for a solution. I found so many ‘hacks’ for ripening avocados overnight or even within an hour. This can’t be true, can it? After a number of failed recipes and hacks that I’ve found over the years, I’ve learned to not believe many of the things I read/see on the internet. So, I thought this would be a great idea for a blog post & YouTube video.

I went to Costco and bought a bag of 5 super green, hard as a rock avocados then picked 4 so-called hacks that seemed to be the most common/popular, leaving one avocado to ripen naturally to see if the other techniques are, indeed, faster.

Ripening Methods Used:

  1. First, I’m going to place an avocado in a windowsill.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.03.01 AM

    Methods 1,2,3 (& 5 after it failed, lol)

  2. Second, I’m placing an avocado in a brown paper bag with an apple and banana, then placing it on a windowsill.
  3. Third, I’m placing an avocado in a paper bag with a 1/2 cup of flower, then on a windowsill.
  4. Fourth, I’m wrapping an avocado in tinfoil and heating it up in an oven at 200c/400f.
  5. Fifth, I’m wrapping an avocado in tinfoil and heating it up with a hairdryer for 10-20 minutes.


  1. This avocado would have been perfectly ripe after 5-7 days. I opened it on day four and it was still lovely, just slightly under ripe.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.10.32 AM

    A nicely ripened avocado & some overripe fruit.

  2. This method was great, but you end up wasting a banana and an apple just to get your avocado ripe. I mean, I would use the banana in banana bread, but the apple is getting’ tossed into the compost!
  3. This was my favourite method by far! It ripened the avocado to perfection in 4 days, and it had the best flavour and consistency of the bunch. I have used this method since my experiment and it never disappoints.
  4. THIS WAS SO DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! Don’t do it…it’s like an avocado and a chestnut had a baby and it makes the whole house smell. Yuck! Plus it took a whole hour for it to get soft!
  5. I tried this method for 15 minutes and stopped…I was so disappointed with the oven technique and I figured it was going to be similar. So instead, I put it on the windowsill next to the other avocados. The weird thing is, it was the least ripe avocado of them all on day four. I opened it on day 6 and it seemed to be just fine. I could see how this method might help soften it up a bit if your avocado is most of the way there…if you want to risk it.


So, putting an avocado in a paper bag with flour really does work! But, in all honesty, it wasn’t the miracle that was promised by countless websites and videos claiming to have a life changing hack…I certainly learned that anyone who claims to ripen an avocado with heat (oven, microwave, hairdryer) is a bit of a sleaze ball.

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Julia Konkin