FastCast vs. Smooth-Cast 300 || Casting Resin Review

My sister and her fiancée, Laura, are some of the most artistically talented people I know. Together, they work under the name, Twin Flame Fabrications, where they create commissioned costumes, prosthetics and masks, as well as design and sculpt sets for the movie industry. They are best known for their work on their group cosplay that won them Best in Show at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in 2017.


Pickle Rick Christmas Ornament (from the Rick & Morty television series)

Recently, they stayed at our house to prep for a local comic event where they were invited as special guests and costume contest judges. While they were here, they started making Pickle Rick Christmas Ornaments to sell of their Etsy store and it was really neat to see the whole process. First, they sculpted a prototype out of molding clay, then made a mold so they could cast the Pickle Ricks.

While they were at the local supply store, they saw a new brand of casting resin, called FastCast by Casting Craft. Normally, they always choose Smooth-Cast 300 by Smooth-On as it is the industry leader in quality, and the product they are used to,but the price tag intrigued them as it was $10-$15 less expensive for the same amount of product. Sure it’s cheaper, but is the quality as good?

Although FastCast was cheaper in store, on Amazon, there is currently less of a price difference. At the time that I posted this article, FastCast was $18.99 US and Smooth-Cast 300 was $21.99 (US plus shipping). If you’re interested in purchasing the products online, we’d love your support by purchasing on Amazon through our affiliate links:

FastCast for US Shoppers:
FastCast for Canadian Shoppers:

Smooth-Cast 300 for US Shoppers:
Smooth-Cast 300 for Canadian Shoppers:

I am certainly no expert when it comes to casting resins, so I’m going to let Liz & Laura do the talking this time. In this video, we ask two industry professionals from Twin Flame Fabrications to give us their candid review.

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