If you haven’t already heard, DAZN bought out the Canadian rights to NFL’s Game Pass and Sunday Ticket and is being heralded as the ‘Netflix of Sports’. So what does that mean? Anyone who has cut the cable cord and is used to streaming their NFL Football through Game Pass will actually have a better experience. However, those who were used to using Sunday Ticket through their cable provider are in for a rude awakening. There’s been a lot of good and bad reviews about DAZN so far, so we decided to look into it and give you our take compared to our experience with NFL Game Pass in previous years. Check out our comprehensive review video to see how DAZN stacks up to Game Pass.


  • Price. DAZN is either $20/month or $150 annually. Right now, they have an introductory offer that gives you 1 month free. Game Pass was $245 Canadian last year.
  • No Blackouts. DAZN has guaranteed no game blackouts this year. Game Pass blacked out most evening games for Canadians throughout the regular season as well as post season.
  • Resolution is more consistent. This is our personal opinion, and it might change as more users get signed up and tuned in. We found with Game Pass, there were frequent highs & lows when it came to resolution and it would sometimes even freeze at key points in the game. We haven’t had any freezing issues yet with DAZN. It is more consistent overall, but it has slightly worse resolution than Game Pass did at it’s best (which only seemed to happen for brief moments). Our house runs at a speed of approximately 35mbps if you want to compare what you have at home.
  • More Selection. There are a ton of sports from around the world that you get access to with DAZN, not just NFL. Huge plus! (if you like any of the other sports, that is)
  • You can stream multiple games on multiple devices. We recently watched 4 different live games at the same time using our Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV (4th gen), iPad & iPhone.


  • The biggest con is that people who were able to purchase Sunday Ticket through their cable provider last year are no longer able to do that in Canada. This means a HUGE downgrade in quality. We cut the cable cord years ago and have found DAZN to be an upgrade compared to streaming with Game Pass…but no wonder there are so many complainers out there! I don’t blame you one bit!!
  • At first we didn’t notice any drops in resolution, but when we were watching the pre season Seahawks vs. Raiders game, we noticed 5 drops in resolution…thankfully 4 of those were during a commercial. They never lasted more than 10 seconds, but we hadn’t experienced that before with DAZN…we certainly did with GamePass. DAMN! Hopefully they get that figured out before the regular season.
  • Although you can switch between games, it isn’t as fast as it would have been on cable TV…it’s okay, but not the best.
  • Fantasy Football Fans Beware! There is on average a 30 second delay compared to live TV. We tested the DAZN app on a number of devices and compared it to the live timing of the game on cable TV. The iPhone app ran about 13-17 seconds behind live TV and the Smart TV and Apple TV app both ran about 33 seconds slower. It’s no big deal to us, but if you are in a Fantasy Football league, this could be a big problem.
  • Not compatible with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs. Enough said.
  • The name….what the heck?!?! Okay, this is kind of a joke, but we seem to get the name wrong all the time.  It’s pronounced ‘Da Zone’ but we keep calling it Danz.

The Verdict

We were initially really impressed with the DAZN app, but that was before we knew they were also taking over Sunday Ticket for the cable market. This is just plain wrong! You monopolize the rights to one of the most watched sports in Canada, take away the only proper option for watching real, live, HD quality games and expect Canadians to roll over ad take it! Of course people are pissed! Sure, it was an upgrade for us, but we sure feel bad for the people who are being forced against their will to stream football.

Go Hawks!

Ben & Julia